Kirko Bangz sits upon his throne observing a bevy of beauties in the video for his new single, “Takin’ Pictures.”

Later this week, Kirko Bangz will drop ‘Progression 17’,” the newest installment in the Houston emcee’s long-running ‘Progression’ mixtape series. Though the last Progression tape dropped nearly three years ago, Bangz has spent the time since being incredibly consistent on singles. “Swang N Bang” alone had a nice run in the spring, for example.

It’s a new season now, however, and Bangz is preparing new music to go along with it. On Tuesday, Kirko released ‘Progression 17’s” first single, “Takin’ Pictures,” by way of a new music video.

In a sense, “Takin’ Pictures” is the 2017 version of “Girls Girls Girls,” with Kirko listing the different types of women who command his attention, none of whom can resist getting those one or two shots in for the Gram while they’re in his crib. Over a smooth beat from Trakksounds, Bangz brags about how much fun the women he invites over can be (“Red Bottoms on the flo’ and makeup on the couch”) in one breath; then lets them know that he “ain’t tryna lay up” in the next.

Rather than have Kirko move from room to room like Jay-Z, however, director PhillyFlyBoy instead depicts the rapper watching as gorgeous women are paraded one by one and photographed before him. Bangz is at rest in a chair smoking a hookah from the penthouse floor, the Houston skyline laid out beautifully in the background. He’s a young king on his throne, taking in the spoils of success – and likely plotting his next move, too.

Watch Kirko Bangz’s “Takin Pictures” music video for yourself up top. Kirko’s ‘Progression 17’ mixtape is set to release August 10th.