Jay-Von’s standout cut from PMV Mixtape, Pt. 1 gets released as an official single.

“I ain’t worried about this, that, and the third/ I just want what I deserve – I just wanna be heard…”

Back in March, Jay-Von set loose his long-awaited ‘Fuck A Title’ EP. The project demonstrated the Mo. City emcee’s versatility and ability to tackle any subject, from police violence to love to hustling. But the song that many fans loved most from ‘Fuck A Title’ was “Hear My Voice/Be Heard,” a two-in-one song featuring Courtney Bolds. The track drew similarities to “Sing About Me/Dying of Thirst” off Kendrick Lamar’s ‘good kid, m.A.A.d. city’ LP, and not just because of its title.

So solid was “Be Heard” that it was given a second life on Picture My Vision Entertainment’s ‘PMV Mixtape: Pt. 1,’ serving as the tape’s fourth track. And now, the self-anointed Vonzilla is making “Be Heard” a stand-alone single.

“It’s my way of comparing myself to the South,” Jay-Von told Day & A Dream via email. “Much like the South, I personally struggled to be heard, in spite of the status quo, the powers that be, or even my own fault. But I press through and shine regardless, just like the South has always done. This is a lesson for those especially who don’t know the South’s struggle.”

“Be Heard” can be taken as one of two ways. On the one hand, it’s a five-minute exercise in Vonzilla’s punchline-killing ability. On the other hand, it’s Jay-Von’s pledge of allegiance to both the South and to the people that he keeps close to him. Throughout, he calls out fake people, the sometimes shady elements of the music business, being slept (“‘Damn, these n*ggas, they look better than me?’ Nah/ These n*ggas just get mo’ credit than me!”) and being focused on in-fighting instead of working together. It’s a nice touch for the song’s last minute to slow things down after Von’s biting flow and throw it back to Lil’ Keke, a Southern staple in his right.

Hear Jay-Von’s “Be Heard” for yourself down below. The ‘PMV Mixtape: Pt. 1’ is currently out now, with ‘Pt. 2’ on the way soon.