I was recently asked who the most slept-on rapper is in Houston right now. The answer is undoubtedly Jax Yohana.

I pride myself on having a ton of “I told you so” moments when it comes to Houston music. So far this year, I have amassed moments with Open Source, Lyssa, Mike C, and mark my words when I tell you, Jax Yohana is up next.

Jax Yohana bringing the heat at Madness on Main earlier this summer.

Jax Yohana bringing the heat at Madness on Main earlier this summer.

I recently introduced the Day and a Dream audience to Jax Yohana in the series I did on must-see Madness on Main artists. Now is your chance to listen to me if you didn’t the first time: Jax Yohana just released a single on all streaming platforms called “In a Minute,” where he warns in the hook, “You gon’ see in a minute.” Sounds like Jax, along with his producer, the “lowkey legend” DJ IV of Killem Collective, are in the studio, preparing some additional heat for the summer. By no means an introduction (the artist and producer both have multiple projects out on the Internet), “In a Minute” serves as a halfway point from where the artist was to where he is going – all the way up.

The song, which features another obscure rapper, Alonzo KNOW, talks about the mission Yohana and his team are on. One thing that I have noticed about the Killem crew is that they are the Houston indie rap Frank Oceans – they aren’t always on the scene just to be seen. If they out, they are working, networking, or thinking about going back to the studio and working. Jax Yohana says, “I just came for the business,” and that is the mindset he and the Killem crew have when they show their faces at functions. That kind of diligence pays off in all of their final products, which are well thought out and smart.

In the rap, Jax Yohana mentions that he and IV “killed it, nigga, Madness on Main.” Easily one of the most energetic sets at the festival, the Jax/IV Project ripped the outdoors stage at the festival as Jax rapped while DJ IV backed him up on the turntables. “In a Minute” rides that wave smoothly, and one could effortlessly imagine the track as the easygoing, calm yet poignant interlude on an album full of bangers. Only time will tell what the artists do together, but if I were you, I would strap in for the ride now.