trey graves need a minute

Memphis’ own Trey Graves wants to take his time with his boo on “Need A Minute.”

“I need a minute making sure I’m ready to be with you,” Trey Graves states matter-of-factly on his latest Milky Wayv produced single. Tracking in the same dreamy worlds created by Bobby Earth, Eros and others within the collective, Graves adds a little pimpery and twang. You’re not going to hear fatherly advice right after declaring that he treats women and “bitches” the same. Yet that’s Graves’ perspective on things. He needs time to figure it all out and rectify his thoughts in one space. “I’m different from high school, I threw away all them Chucks,” he attests. There’s some growth on that level but in regards to love? Trey Graves from Memphis is similar to any man not wanting to rush. Stream “Need A Minute” from the Milky Wayv member below and purchase the track on iTunes.