thundercat tokyo video

Thundercat gets to live out a childlike fantasy for Drunk‘s first video, “Tokyo.”

Imagine being Thundercat. Imagine speaking for years about your love of anime and Japanese culture and food and then wind up headlining a festival in Japan. That’s the gist of his “Tokyo” video in which Stephen Brunner takes one of Drunk‘s tracks of full on fun and whimsy and balls out completely. There are numerous references to Dragonball Z and Brunner not wanting to ever leave. The video is a perfect play on the lyrics as director Jun Hanamoto-Hearn captures Brunner bopping around and enjoying every single facet of Tokyo. As an adult, there are few moments that bring you right back to childlike wonder and amusement. Getting one of your favorite artists in a place he absolutely loves and adores? The best possible feeling. Watch the “Toyko” video below.