Kelela breaks the news of her debut album coming later this fall with a new single, “LMK.”

It’s impossible to pigeonhole Kelela. She’s R&B, but she’s also alternative. But she’s also pop, but she’s also electronica and even rock&B when she wants to be. In the fact, the only way to categorize the Warp Records artist properly is by her voice, which seizes the listener whenever it appears on a track.

Kelela has been turning heads all decade, depending on where you start. The singer-songwriter has worked with Solange Knowles twice, first appearing on the Saint Heron label compilation album and then logging a solid feature on Solange’s ‘A Seat At the Table’ LP last year. She tag-teamed with Tink on the irresistible slow jam, “Want It All.” She also popped up on DJ Kitty Cash’s final installment of her “Love The Free” series. But as for a full project? Kelela remained elusive. The closest she came was 2015’s ‘Hallucinogen’ EP, a six-track effort that let her fans know features along would no longer suffice and that they wanted an album.

At long last, that album is finally arriving in 2017.

On Tuesday, Kelela formally announced ‘Take Me Apart,’ her debut album that’s on the way two months from now. The singer also took to Zane Lowe’s Beats 1 Radio show to premiere ‘Take Me Apart’s’ lead single, “LMK.”

From “LMK’s” start, Kelela’s coos and vocals take over a steady snare and a warped, infectious instrumental that sounds lifted from the ’80s. But Kelela issues out the titular demand to her lover in a way that’s both yearning but urgent, as well. “You don’t read between the lines, until you can read my mind,” Kelela sings. It takes listeners on a ride for its three-and-a-half runtime and cuts off JUST as they get settled into the song’s groove. “LMK” is an appetizer, for sure – but’s the perfect preparation, too, for the main course to come.

Stream Kelela’s “LMK” single for yourself down below. ‘Take Me Apart,’ the singer-songwriter’s debut album touches down October 6th, but can be pre-ordered now on iTunes.

Take Me Apart Tracklist
1. Frontline
2. Waitin’
3. Take Me Apart
4. Enough
5. Jupiter
6. Better
7. LMK
8. Truth Or Dare
9. S.O.S.
10. Blue Light
11. Onanon
12. Turn To Dust
13. Bluff
14. Altadena