andre 3000 decemba

In A rare interview, the Atlanta emcee finds himself further away from album mode — and rap.

André 3000, unlike Jay-Z or even Fat Joe is not anticipating the days of being a rapper on stage in his 50s. In fact, the thought of what he’ll be doing 10 years from now absolutely consumes him. In a brand new profile for Complex, Dre waxes on creating and sketching shoe concepts for Tretorn, working with Jeff Staple and yes, those dogged questions about a new album of any sort.

“As I get older, I start to see myself move more back from it—the hustle and bustle of putting out an album, the pressure of being in the studio trying to come up with something,” Three Stacks says. “Now it’s more like a hobby for me, so I don’t think about it in that way. Even with Outkast — if we never do another album, I’m totally fine with that. When I was 25, I said I don’t want to be a 30-year-old rapper. I’m 42 now, and I feel more and more that way. Do I really want to be 50 years old up there doing that? When I watch other rappers that are my age I commend them, but I just wonder where the inspiration is coming from. At this stage I’m really more focused on what I am going to be doing 10 years from now. And I hope to God it won’t be rapping.”

It’s an honest take from someone who has been making music for the better part of three decades. Remember, OutKast broke through in 1994, when Big Boi and 3000 were 19 years old. Money isn’t an issue for the two to reunite, even after their 2014 reunion tour netted a $60 million gross. To him, André would rather let the young boys of Atlanta and beyond carry the torch while he chimes in every now and then.

But the interesting idea to consider is that 3000 believes that a rapper slows down over time, in a similar vein to a boxer. “No matter how great you are or were at a certain time, the older you get, the slower you get—I don’t care who you are. And I can feel that coming on.”

André 3000, losing his fastball when he’s been killing guest features at a rather incredible rate and even showed up for Erykah Badu’s “Hello?” It seems impossible to consider. You can read the full profile here.