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Amazon orders alt-alt reality series from Boondocks creator Aaron McGruder and Will Packer.

HBO’s attempts to try and convince you that Confederate, their alternate reality attempt of explaining a world where the South won the Civil War have all sucked. They sort of echo the “please give us a chance” rhetoric of the guy currently squatting inside the White House. Well thanks to Amazon and their new show, the alt-alt reality of the Civil War is here.

Black America, a show helmed by Boondocks creator Aaron McGruder and Hollywood producer Will Packer (Think Like A Man, Girls Trip) has been in the works over at Amazon, Deadline reports. It’s premise? That black people were given reparations following the Civil War and formed their own country.

“Slavery is far too real and far too painful, and we still see the manifestations of it today as a country for me to ever view that as a form of entertainment.” – Will Packer

Taking place in the fictitious land of New Colonia, Black America sees black men and women not only firmly establish their own land post-Reconstruction, it thrives as the United States slowly dwindles into chaos. If HBO wants to have their antebellum need for black slaves displayed again during Confederate, there is Black America – existing in an alt-reality that suits black people pretty well. Again, we’re talking about a totally made-up concept in which blacks received reparations and form their own nation in the same way that Israel, Austria, Palestine and other countries were founded. Surely that won’t offend people, would it?

“What if reparations were given, what would this country and that alternate country look like today, how would Americans look, our communities, relations?” Packer told Deadline about Black America‘s creation. He added, “I think that there definitely is a message about how we co-exist today where that didn’t happen, there weren’t reparations, and you still have black Americans who are suffering from the effects of slavery in various ways. You still have the prison-industrial complex that disproportionally imprisons black and brown people, you can trace that back for many reasons to slavery.”

To Packer, a show like Black America represents a personal mission for him. “The fact that there is the contemplation of contemporary slavery makes it something that I would not be a part of producing nor consuming,” he said. “Slavery is far too real and far too painful, and we still see the manifestations of it today as a country for me to ever view that as a form of entertainment.”

Both projects will no doubt hire historians to make their realities, alternative as they may be feel as accurate as possible. Though Confederate hasn’t totally been realized and Amazon’s alt-reality show following the lauded Man In The High Castle hasn’t even been greenlit for an airdate, everybody will be watching in one form or another.

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