tony dark brice blanco revelations

What’s better than a party? One in a backyard with a pool and golf course access. That’s Tony Dark and Brice Blanco’s “Revelations.”

In May, Tony Dark let the world in on what The Tony Dark Experience represents. Part boom-bap, part esoteric jam session. Even though Brice Blanco sliced through different segments of “2:40 Type Sh*t,” he’s in a far more sunnier deposition for “Revelations.”

The first video from TTDE not only has the obligatory cameos but also features Tony and Brice wheeling around golf carts with toothy grins and more. “Don’t got not time to be fucking around, it’s now or never,” Blanco raps after a woman who may have the powers to bring him to his knees comes around. Even as the track spools out in a hazy, West Coast vibe towards the end, there’s a certified bounce to it. Everybody knows it. When Dark tosses a football around or sits in the pool like the King of the Summer, everyone knows it.

Don’t ever let anybody tell you that Anthony Dark, brand new father and Captain Redbeard of Houston can’t make a bop. Or a summer track worthy of barbecue, a pool and friends. The experience is less Hendrix, more DJ Premier and Screw. But still a good time regardless.

Watch the “Revelations” video below. Purchase The Tony Dark Experience on iTunes now.