nique bethany

With Los Angeles on his reminders, Nique boasts about his own level for “Bethany.”

“That is a Bethany, I’m weird, she accepted me.” Nique opens up his latest record by turning a concept that for all intents and purposes would be about a woman and instead making it feel like something else. “Bethany,” a self-produced cut from the WhitexGold leader professes that he can’t ever chase a woman despite loving drugs, sex and bad women. “I follow my dreams, I’m celibate,” he jokes on the record. To him, “Bethany” represents an elongated version of “that’s a bet.”

It’s a saving grace. “40” managed to turn Nique from Houston rapper with a large chip on his shoulder to self-sustained magnet. On the same night that he managed to kill his first headlining set in Laredo, Texas, he was pulled over by Border Patrol agents. Thanks to the power of his “Don’t Try” video, it proved to Border Patrol agents that not only (a) he could rap but (b) was pretty successful at it. “Leaving Laredo. Got arrested by border patrol,” he wrote on Twitter. “They dropped the charges. They also looked up Don’t Try video to prove I rap.”

Hear “Bethany” from Nique below.