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I got a little inspired by some events that have occurred over the past few days, all of which involve the sneaker/athletic gear/marketing giant, NIKE. These events culminated with the dissolution of the working relationship with one of the most popular Nike collaborators of the past 5 years, in the person of A$AP Bari, and his brand, VLONE.

NIKE x VLONE Vandal Hi

So, for those that have been away from the internet for the past few weeks, A$AP Bari, aka Jabari Shelton, was involved in a sexual tryst with an, as of yet, unidentified woman. The incident was recorded on video and, at first, it was denied by the VLONE creator as “fake”. However, the story began to unravel as time progressed and eventually, the following statement was released on Instagram:

Now, at the time that this was released, there was no word from his brothers, the A$AP MOB, regarding what occured, other than from two of the de facto leaders of the group, A$AP Rocky & the Trap Lord himself, A$AP Ferg.

You can view what they said in the following video links below:

A$AP Rocky

A$AP Ferg

People did not immediately see a response from NIKE regarding the status of the relationship between them and A$AP Bari and his brand. Today, the word was made official: NIKE has parted ways from VLONE.


What do I think of all of this? It’s simple: this is a textbook case of hubris. When an individual, with such renown as A$AP Bari, gets to the level where you are respected by the “fashion world”, one must realize that a different way of “moving” must be accepted and applied. Now, don’t get it twisted, I am not asking Bari to give up his Harlem roots, or worse, become a coon and turn his back completely on his people. All that I am saying is observe your surroundings and act accordingly. Keep your head on a swivel. Dare I say, stay woke?


With that being said, I do hope that he takes the words of his statement seriously, by “reflecting on the situation appropriately”, but more importantly, I do hope that he considers the fact that his actions have a direct effect. Next time, he may not be so fortunate.