The Picture My Vision Mixtape: Pt. 1 is a show of strength and a mission statement for Mo. City indie label Picture My Vision Ent.

Last night, Picture My Vision Entertainment laid out their master plan – or at least a few pieces of it – before select Houston tastemakers invited to preview the ‘Picture My Vision Mixtape.’ Led by Sea (aka the CEO), Picture My Vision is an indie label based out of Missouri City primarily with two acts: Jay-Von and SeanoPhresh. Those two may be joined by a third in the weeks to come, but for now, PMV was all about presenting themselves as a united front.

“Like any family, we have our disagreements,” Jay-Von admitted at the private listening event, “But make no mistake: We’ve got our sh*t LOCKED DOWN.”

The idea for a PMV Mixtape stemmed from an interview the label conducted with Houston music head and HustleGrade co-founder Kelsey McDaniel, during her weekly “The Tuesday Special” radio show. In fact, snippets of that interview even made their way onto the actual mixtape.

“We wanted this to be everybody’s introduction to who we are and what we do,” Sea said of ‘Pt. 1.’ Indeed, throughout its eleven tracks, ‘Pt. 1’ allows Sea, Jay-Von, and Seano to shine individually and, in the process, flex their strength as a unit.

‘PMV Mixtape: Pt. 1’ bears production from the likes of Atom Bomb (of Houston rap duo Undergravity), Mysterious??, and Kelly Portis. On the features front, Lovell, Brandy, T. Dash and Doughbeezy (who flexes alongside Sea on the standout cut “The Realest”) all show up to contribute to the vision (no pun intended).

At last night’s listening event, attendees got to experience both Pt. 1 AND Pt. 2 of the ‘PMV Mixtape’ – and were also teased with the possibility of a Pt. 3, as well. But Pt. 1 emphasizes storytelling, dropping listeners into PMV’s world. On “Threestyle,” perhaps the grittiest song on the tape, each artist tells a personal story. Jay-Von recalls his freestyle campaign from last year in a skit before reviving his “Who Shot Ya Freestyle” for the project. A smooth flip of The Isley Brothers’ “Summer Breeze” creates a lush background for the easy-going, summer-ready “Ridin.'” And though we’ve written about SeanoPhresh before, the emcee truly comes into his own on ‘Pt. 1,’ kicking things off with “Rap Entrepreneur” and making his mark on each appearance after. Sea called Seano “the MVP of PMV,” and ‘Pt. 1’ provides more than enough proof why.

At the end of the day, PMV is all about keeping the family intact. At last night’s listening event, representatives from Houston Press and HustleGrade and even Wolfe de Mchls watched as the Picture My Vision crew joked, interacted, and celebrated amongst themselves like brothers from different respective mothers. Even when one acknowledged their presence on a track, they’d defer credit or “give props” to another. Each artist still has stand-alone projects coming, but the focus is on making sure that EVERYBODY eats. ‘Pt. 1’ isn’t just the first part of a mixtape series – it’s PMV’s first step in building an empire out of The Mo.

Stream and download Picture My Vision Entertainment’s ‘PMV Mixtape: Pt. 1’ for yourself down below.