smino netflix and dusse

Smino’s just trying to relax in the “Netflix And Dusse” video from blkswn.

Drive-in movies are classic date ideas. You bring your own snacks, drinks, aphrodisiac and more. It’s the only place where a guy like Smino can have multiple experiences with different ladies that catch his eye.

“Netflix And Dusse,” one of the standout tracks from March’s blkswn gets a laid back video as in-between swigging cognac with his boys, Smino is interacting with many a woman throughout the theater. One happens to have the weed, another leans him back in his Seattle Mariners jersey to comb his hair. Another isn’t here to be treated in such a fashion and flatly dismisses him. It’s a chill, relaxed scene similar to that of “Anita,” the breakout track from blkswn.

Watch the “Netflix And Dusse” video down below.

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