In a new visual, Houston duo NTheClouds call out the love masquerade on “Lie to Me.”

Count on NTheClouds to hide a lesson within the smoothest sounds. The Houston duo of Boi Dru and Jay Kell first did so at the top of the year with the Erva Carter-assisted “Whispers”; and they kicked off the month of July by sharing a new song, “Lie to Me.” They also plan the close the month of July with another new song. But before we even get “5:AM in Frisco,” NTheClouds opted to revisit “Lie To Me” by giving the track an accompanying music video.

The JERMS-directed visual depicts NTheClouds mostly in Black and white, as both men spit game to a lovely woman in a white dress. However, kaleidoscope-esque splashes of color and crashing ocean waves fill in their silhouettes at intervals in the video, too. It gives even more of a hazy feel to the The Others Beats’ produced-cut, which was inspired by the fact that “lying and cheating seem to be the new wave in a relationship to get what you want in a relationship.” What NTheClouds do with “Lie To Me” is make listeners think. The words “Maybe the lies are what keep us together” pop onscreen before the video even starts. That may be the scariest thought of all when it comes to love: that the truth can’t set either of you free, because you’re too comfortable living a lie together.

Watch NTheCLouds’ “Lie To Me” video for yourself up top.

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