hannah williams and the affirmations

Hannah Williams & the Affirmations’ inspiration for “4:44” gets its own video.

Back in June, Jay-Z’s “4:44” for better or worse allowed some men to examine the unhealthiness of their relationships with women. Jay-Z had to rectify his misdeeds in regards to his marriage. The men in various vignettes revealed when it was over or their own flaws. It was revealing. And the inspiration for all of it, at least from a musical perspective was Hannah Williams and the Affirmations’ “Late Nights & Heartbreak.”

Williams’ voice, booming with its own tenor and flair shines even more in the Nick Donnelly directed video. Playing the opposite side of a troubled LGBT love story, Williams endures the ups and downs of love, infidelity and pain. “It depicts the realization that sometimes the most burning love is for ones’ own passion, and when a human relationship gets in the way it will lead to heartbreak,” Williams said of the video. Watch it below.

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