rick ross

Rick Ross can’t help himself from continuing to push a sexist agenda in music.

In the business of modern journalism (or reporting really) there is usually a chain of command in attention grabbing. Either it’s a headline that catches your attention or a pull quote. With Rick Ross’ latest appearance on Power 105.1’s The Breakfast Club, it’s a little bit of both. Ross, who earned probably the highest critical acclaim of his career since his 2009-12 creative apex with Rather You Than Me decided to deliver a tone-deaf and sexist message in regards to signing female rappers.

During the promotion of his upcoming VH1 reality show Signed (which Houston’s Just Brittany will be part of) and Meek Mill’s Wins And Losses, Ross mentioned why he’s yet to sign a female rapper to Maybach Music Group.

“You know, I never did it because I always thought I would end up f*cking the female rapper [and] f*cking the business up,” Ross told Breakfast Club co-host Angela Yee. “I’m so focused on my business. I gotta be honest with you. You know she lookin’ good, I’m spending so much money on the photo shoot, I gotta f*ck you.”

Would you believe that the same guy who got dropped by Reebok due to misogynistic and rapist lyrics on “U.O.E.N.O” in 2013 would say such a thing? Not necessarily. But there are women who work for Maybach Music Group. And the one woman who Ross co-signed and claimed to be signed to MMG as long as 2011, Audra The Rapper may probably speak to such ridiculous claims made by the man she proclaimed to be her “mentor.”

Thing is, Rick Ross has been in the eye of the public for well over a decade. Knowing what to say in front of a camera or on a hot microphone has been distilled in his head. Yet no, his “idea” of honesty only pushes the idea that hip-hop only has few places for women. And those places only exist if they sleep their way there. Ross’ comments sound more like pimping than anything, a callous and f*cked up idea of “return on investment.”

Are we supposed to applaud Ross for saying him possessing a dick has kept him from signing a female artist and being “honest” about it? No. That’s basic human decency.