Lest you thought he was just in the background, DJ Mike C has debuted a mix on his SoundCloud just for Texas, proving both his loyalty and his talent.

First and foremost I wanna say, “I told you so!” I’m gonna go ahead and gloat on this one, because I called it when I made the list of 6 Houston DJs to look out for. DJ Mike C, although many who had never heard him spin thought he was a backup to Houston rapper Doeman, is a damn good standalone DJ. Many have never received the pleasure of hearing him spin at a party or before or after a Dodi set, but those who have are aware of exactly what is to come when “Sippin on Some Sizzurp” starts up and he hits the turntables.

Today, everyone will get a chance to enjoy the Mike C experience with the release of hisĀ “#TNTS Trxpped N The South” mix on SoundCloud! The first of hopefully many more to come, the mix starts off appropriately with Pimp C, then J. Prince talking about the Souf – not the South – the Souf (you know how he said it). Mike C sets the stage for the mix’s intention: “to get people to understand that Texas has its own stars.” He does so by intertwining music with spoken pieces from rap legends, news clips, and other pop culture sound bytes to not only talk music, but talk Southern life.

Mike C said, “I’m mixing/blending different Texas artists that I feel can pop any moment with some of my favorite new and old songs. This whole mix isn’t just Texas music. I’m basically trying to do what hasn’t been done in a while or ever – put all these Texas artists together on one playlist with some of the hottest songs out to prove that Texas with whoever.”

The mix features artists like Le$, Delo, and a brand new record hidden in it (I’ll give you one guess who the artist is…).

Mike C is reiterating what people know but either haven’t realized or refuse to admit – all these features Texas artists have been doing this whole time are not becauseĀ they need exposure, it’s because Texas artists are wanted, the style is unique and desired, and the closest many artists will get to that Southern sound is a feature. Everybody ain’t able.

…But I’m sure I’m preaching to the choir here. Check out “#TNTS Trxpped N The South” for yourself.

In Mike’s words, “Either you get it or you don’t.”