Singer-songwriter Alyxx Dione drops off a stirring remake of Julia Michaels’ breakout “Issues” single.

Long time followers of the site will recognize Alyxx Dione. The California-hailing singer/songwriter has had her material featured on Day & A Dream since as far back as maybe 2011. In the time since, we’ve watched Alyxx change, evolve, and take many major steps in her career – from dropping her first single, to her first breakout single, to appearing on Kelly Rowland’s BET reality competition, ‘Chasing Destiny.’ Earlier this year, Dione dropped a slept-on, 9-track EP entitled ‘Freedum,’ as well.

One thing that hasn’t changed about Alyxx Dione, however, is her ability to kill a cover. The lovely songbird’s “AlyxxMixes” of songs quickly became a favorite of her fans, and earlier this week, Alyxx shared her latest one, a remake of Julia Michaels’ “Issues.”

The beauty of Alyxx’s “Issues” cover is the scaled-back instrumental lets her voice flourish over the beat. Alyxx’s confessions of her human behavior are vulnerable, honest admissions about being in a relationship where her emotions are high because she feels so strongly about the other person. Bad days, worse behavior – Alyxx covers it all. “No, you don’t, judge me,” Alyxx croons on the track’s hook, “’cause if you did, then I would judge you, too.” It’s a beautiful remake – one that seems to stop right before it REALLY takes off, when its two-minute run length ends.

Take a listen to Alyxx Dione’s “Issues (Remix)” for yourself down below.

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