izzar thomas

Izzar Thomas moves forward, not backward on his latest album.

Izzar Thomas' general conscious has been about making something stick. He's been creating and tweaking and manipulating his music for years now, sometimes singing on a vine of braggadocio and half-rapping on a strand of hope and conscious. It's the pain of being a young creative — the experimentation in figuring out what works.

Somewhere New from Thomas finds middle ground in that, a eureka moment of late night bubbly material where Thomas can play wonderer and daydreamer but also assured rap star. "Blank Trip," a neon light burner recounts a drive to Los Angeles and toast to the nightlife. "It was one of the best times of my life," Thomas says at the end of the record. His latest album continually wants to chase that feeling; a high you can't replicate, even if you pass out directions.

"HMOML," the breezy 2016 single with Tim Woods marks a return here but within the context of Somewhere New, it's a catalyst. Here Thomas can make whimsy about falling in love and pitching woo ("No Games"); a woman who caught onto his lingo ("Never Look Back") and attempting to figure out the down moments ("Doubted").

"I've been searching for your love, it's all I ever wanted," Thomas sings on "Doubted." It's a record that swims around in the seas of subtlety stunting on those who looked the other way when you wanted a piece of their time. Genuine moments of show and prove. Now Izzar Thomas doesn't need it. Crafting a mostly self-produced LP (Nate Coop and TresonJamar help do some of the lifting), Thomas is relying more and more on himself.

Because who else other than you to create the moments you want to remember? Stream Something New from Izzar Thomas below in full.

Photo: @troyezeq