curbside jones wolves clothing

Curbside Jones’ latest arc, Wolves’ Clothing is here.

The narrative of the wolf versus the sheep is a tale as old as the Bible. The wolf, seen as dominant and cunning, preys upon the sheep which is docile. The wolf is constantly regarded as a predator yet no one truly thinks of the sheep in the same way. What if, the sheep became a wolf, rather than the old adage of finding a wolf in the clothing of a sheep? That’s the sentiment Austin’s Curbside Jones is working with.

Premiered by Artistic Manifesto, Wolves’ Clothing is a tied together tale of a sheep attempting to change his appearance and outlook on life. Jones, by nature as a producer tinkers even more with a traditional boom bap sound and brings in mid-level distortion, psychadelics and a little angst.

The result? The early 2000s shroom level of “Been Wolf”, early Justus League vibes of “TheFewd,” in which Jones reflects on his parents’ marriage while on the verge of his own and more. There are clips from Martin, Gil Scott Heron and more woven into the narration. As Jones’ sheep stares in front of the clothing store, his mind deals with everything that exists before it. The next step? Changes everything.

“This EP contains some of my most transparent music I’ve released in years and I’m very proud to showcase this work,” Jones said about the project. With so many thoughts on hyper-masculinity, death, failed relationships, being denied by social institutes, and internal conflict ringing off in his head, it may be for the best to channel it out through simple concepts. Hear Wolves’ Clothing for yourself below via Bandcamp and SoundCloud.