curbside jones been wolf

In the lead up to Wolves Clothing, Curbside Jones’ “Been Wolf” is the prelude to a very bad day.

During Sunday night’s premiere of Game of Thrones, Arya Stark had probably the best line of the night. “Leave one wolf alive, the sheep are never safe,” the assassin says. In Curbside Jones’ eyes, there’s a flip to that. What if the sheep becomes a wolf himself? Who is truly in danger then?

The Austin native’s upcoming Wolves Clothing project isn’t due out until next Tuesday but the video to “Been Wolf” is a reminder, if not a very believable stand alone commercial. Animated by Digsbot, the scene moves from one sheep going through his normal routine of grooming, eating and checking social media before everything goes awry.

“The music video and the ideas were conceived earlier in the year around late Feb, early March,” Jones says of “Been Wolf.” “I reached out to Digsbot because I’ve seen his work before when I was shopping around for animation for a previous video I put out.”

Jones’ 16-bit style production evokes memories of Madlib’s Quasimoto input on “Been Wolf.” He looks back on a friend dearly departed before hiding himself behind a wall of emotion and not letting out. “Didn’t shed a tear out of fear of being a sheep / I felt him looking down saying, ‘Damn, I thought our love was deep.'”