The Neptunes complete production discography – all 13 GB of it – is now available for download…FREE.

Cory Townes and ESSNSE just dropped a giant musical bomb on Twitter when they tweeted a link to download The Neptunes: The Other Side Of The Planet (Neptunes Production Discography). 

After telling people to “clear out your hard drive space” along with a gif of Pharrell winking, Townes tweeted a story about talking to a guy named ESSNSE in 2012 who knew a ton of Neptunes knowledge and had an idea for a 10-edition, 1,000+ song collection of The Neptunes’ musical work. The pair posted it on the Internet, where it was only downloaded about 20,000 times before they took it down in 2014.

The project is back up and includes everything the Neptunes ever touched, including four bonus discs with 120 songs on each one.

Your computer will absolutely not be able to handle it, so Dropbox or an external with at very least 1TB of space might be your best bet. And let’s stagger our download times, y’all. The site is already getting slower.

Social media wins today. And all the music purists said, “Amen.”

(If you missed it the first time, here’s that link again.)