The Fugees premiered a new track on Hot 97, reviving rumors of a possible reunion.

The Fugees will always be remembered as one of the greatest hip-hop groups that never reached its full potential.

The trio of Pras Michel, Wyclef Jean, and Ms. Lauryn Hill released only one album collectively, ‘The Score.’ But that one album was responsible for so many great moments and anthems in the ’90s. Before they could ascend even higher together, however, the group splintered. Wyclef and Lauryn would go on to have some degree of solo success, while Pras tried (and, some might argue, failed) to pursue a solo career and venture into acting.

That hasn’t stopped fans from wanting The Fugees to get back together and make the magic happen once again, however. The last time the three reunited was for Dave Chappelle’s Block Party, contributing their talents in an amazing live concert performance. But that was over a decade ago.

According to Funkmaster Flex, however, The Fugees just might be up to something new.

On Hot 97 Saturday night, the notorious New York DJ teased listeners that he’d acquired a new record from The Fugees. Insisting that “#ThisIsWhatNewYorkSoundsLike,” Flex made good on his work and premiered the track. Just over two and a half minutes in length, no one can tell how “recent” the song is but The Fugees in their entirety DO appear on the cut. The bass-heavy track features Lauryn sounding good both rapping (to start) and singing and Wyclef to close, with Pras holding down the middle verse solidly between them.

Stream the as-yet-untitled new track from The Fugees (for now, complete with Flex bombs), down below.