Chance the Rapper tweeted about monetarily-troubled SoundCloud’s salvation Friday then posted a new track on the platform Friday night.

It’s been much ado about music this past week with widespread panic that SoundCloud would meet its demise as its funds decreased. The music-streaming platform laid off 40 percent of its staff last week, and that still wasn’t enough to keep the service alive as a week after the layoffs the company was still trying to conjure ways to survive the rest of the summer. The issue with SoundCloud was, as big and well-known as it is, it is still a startup that most users are using for free. Independent artists are able to upload up to 180 minutes of free audio content, and listeners can peruse new music free of charge. SoundCloud Pro and SoundCloud Go+ are two paid subscription plans that users can choose, but those options still seemed to not be enough to keep the company afloat after two multi-million dollar losses in 2014 and 2015.

Chance the Rapper is one of the independent artists known for sharing his music via SoundCloud, and he took to social media Thursday to let followers know he was “working on the SoundCloud thing.” After asking followers which artists they would have never found without the site Friday, then asking them to send links to songs they listen to on SoundCloud, both Chance and the site tweeted, in no uncertain terms, the site would not be shutting down.

SoundCloud reassures users the site is not shutting down via Twitter.


As a sort of victory lap, Chance the Rapper released a song featuring Young Thug called “Big B’s” on the site. The song is aight, but I have questions…

It seems unlikely that a shuttering streaming service like SoundCloud would simply be able to pull itself up by its bootstraps after four tweets and a phone call from Chance the Rapper. Yes, I do believe in the magic of Chance and his humanitarian ways, however, I would like to know how, exactly, the rapper “saved” SoundCloud.

It seems as if a simple donation would not warrant a blog post from SoundCloud founder Alex Ljung that the site was “here to stay,” but would perhaps say, “Hey guys, we’re gonna make it to 2018.” The Internet knows nothing more than Chance and Alex had a phone call. A company rep told Variety that Chance was “essentially spreading good vibes about the company during a challenging time.” Still, no mention of specifics on the phone call or how after it, the company was suddenly no longer in danger of shutting down.

I love SoundCloud and use it to stream and discover music daily, but I don’t believe SoundCloud found its salvation (insert obvious church joke because Chance the Rapper) simply by way of encouragement. There has been no talk about more investors, donations, or finding more funs, just some cryptic tweets and the blog from one of the founders that does not mention the rapper at all.

It remains to be seen whether Chance the Rapper has really saved the site, or just prolonged its demise. If anything, this whole ordeal just reminded me to go back and listen to Acid Rap again.

Oh. Here’s the new song, too. Meh.