Singer Lyssa is debuting visuals for three new singles Friday night at Ronin Art House for the “Feel Me Friday” event.

Lyssa, a singer who is experimenting and evolving her sound continuously, will be premiering visuals for her three latest singles Friday night at Ronin Art House.

The new songs, “Joy Ride,” “Who I Be,” and “Sorcery” will be featured on her upcoming EP, Feel Me 2. In the EP, Lyssa reaches for self-liberation as she experiments with “trap drums, soulful synths, vivacious melodies, and candid consciousness.”

Lyssa says of her new project, “We’re just an accumulation and a rejection of everything we’ve ever been exposed to, we’ve ever experienced, so I’m tryna see it all, I’m tryna feel it all.”

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You can keep up with Lyssa via her Web site,, or on Twitter and Instagram at @the_lyss. Lyssa also has a new YouTube series called “IBTS.” Check out the first episode below.