Trakksounds shares a visual for his “Oh Lord (Remix)” posse cut, directed by T2 The Ghetto Hippie and featuring Killa Kyleon, Doeman, and GT Garza.

You don’t fix what ain’t broke. That’s perhaps the most consistent phrase in business and the key, really, to being successful. When Trakksounds began plotting out the workings of his debut album, ‘The Other Side,’ the producer was intent on doing something different than the usual.

At the same time, the Houston-hailing boardman wasn’t going to miss the opportunity to bring onboard the artists he’s worked the best with.

Killa Kyleon, Doeman and GT Garza each have past tracks with Trakksounds’ fingerprints on them, many of which feature some combination of the artists. But for ‘The Other Side,’ Trakksounds brought Doeman and Garza together with Roosh Williams for a posse cut, “Oh Lord.” The track featured blistering verses from all three men – with the catch of hard-riding, live rock drums courtesy of G-Drums.

As one of the standouts from ‘The Other Side,’ it was only right for Trakksounds to give “Oh Lord” a remix. And that’s exactly what he did, premiering the track with a set of visuals to match and Kyleon tagged in for Roosh.

There are many cool things about the “Oh Lord (Remix)” video. There’s its premise, where the stash is threatened and the three men each to do their part to literally secure the bags in a safe location. There’s Kyleon as the brains of the operation, spitting bars and sounding the alarm. There’s Dodi holding serve from the passenger seat in one shot and surrounded by his crew in the next. And there’s GT Garza who, as keeper of the safe warehouse, drops his furious finishing verse effortlessly. But the coolest thing of all? T2 The Ghetto Hippie is behind the lens directing the whole thing, in conjunction with A Luce Films. Apparently T2 is The Ghetto Kubrick in addition to partaking in Double Cups and Taco Trucks. In the end, it all makes for a visually captivating, all-Houston-everything affair.

Watch Trakksounds’ “Oh Lord (Remix)” music video, featuring Killa Kyleon, Doeman and GT Garza, up top. As a bonus, you can also watch Trakksounds’ “The Other Side Documentary,” a behind-the-scenes look at some of his work on the album, down below. Trakksounds’ ‘The Other Side’ LP is out now on iTunes.