trae tha truth tha truth part three

On his latest Tha Truth Part Three track, Trae Tha Truth reminisces about his childhood.

Know a unifier in the community? The Cool Cup Lady. You know where she stays, even if her hours are pretty much set like Red’s from The Five Heartbeats. For a time, Trae Tha Truth knows of that time where you could bounce around the neighborhood anticipating walking up to her door and getting one. Most times, Trae Tha Truth harks back on his past with bit of a grimace. With “Take Me Back,” there’s a familiarity there, a warm sense that Trae’s life in the ’80s growing up was no different from yours or mine.

“Take Me Back” is nostalgic as Tha Truth’s gravel voiced singing anchors the chorus about the days growing up in Houston. Partnering up with McDonald’s, the single is the latest step in their Unmuted program. Much like he does on the regular, Trae’ll work with the corporation on community initiatives.

“‘Take Me Back’ was more of a personal record, just me reminiscing about coming up as a child,” explains Trae. “Tha Truth 3 is about my life, it’s gonna give insight on what type of person I am and some of the things I go through. You’ve got the good and the bad–I’ve experienced the bad too.”

He continued. “The fact that I overcame it … I’ve been up against giants, but I always stay fighting and here I am now accomplishing greatness. Anything is possible. Having McDonald’s support my music is a dream within itself. Coming up from rap, you don’t really get endorsed, it’s only a chosen few, so to actually one of the chosen ones is amazing. McDonald’s definitely fits my lifestyle and values, just for the fact of us trying to give back to the community. The community is very important – feeding the community, clothing the community, like I do for my holiday Trae Day. It was supposed to be a day that they celebrate for me, but I reversed it and made it a day that we celebrate the city of Houston. The fact that I can go back and put smiles on people’s faces and give them hope, that’s what gives me my energy and my motivation to keep pushing.”

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