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Le$ peels off in the latest Midnight Club release directed by Jorge Casanova.

Jorgey Films has made art of his many subjects. If it’s Doeman, the gaze is through Mexican and brown pride. Of bravado and machismo, shirtless shots and crowd participation from neighborhood to neighborhood. With Le$, there’s a subtle difference.

For almost five projects now, Le$ and Jorge have completed a tour of looks and aesthetics. Midnight Club dances in much darker colors and hues than Steak & Shrimp Vol. 1 & 2. One tape is tailor made for late night cruises down MLK. The other two? Perfectly tailored for McGregor Park Sundays. “Neva” is the latest Midnight Club release to get a visual and Jorge decides upon grainy, late night footage to set the tone.

“Never let a b*tch know how you make your cash flow,” the chorus goes on “Neva” and Le$ lives up to it. He knows he’s a Hall of Famer with all the stats and stripes. He and DJ Mr. Rogers have created an empire solely off rotund yet fluorescent riding music. From being corner store posted to whpping the steering wheel, the trio shows out with simplicity for “Neva.” Jorge zeroes in on his subject, Rogers soundtracks things with a wide-scope LA appeal. And Jorge? Keeps the camera close to document it all.

Midnight Club is available now. 

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