Chock full of nods to the ’90s, Cali emcee Kamaiyah’s “Build You Up” video is a 2017 mood.

“A queen is a queen of all things/ respected by all means…”

Lil’ YaYa is back.

2016 effectively introduced people to Kamaiyah, an up-and-coming Bay Area emcee whose appearance on YG’s “Why You Always Hatin'” was just the start of her legend. Her ‘A Good Day in the Ghetto’ mixtape was a force, albeit one that didn’t really get the credit it deserved.

Enter “Build You Up,” the rapper’s latest single, which she premiered Friday in a new visual.

Nostalgia is what gives “Build You Up” its luster. Director Damien Sandoval has Kamaiyah in a yellow jumpsuit (whose logo will call to mind the “NBA Inside Stuff” logo) at one point and a tracksuit the next. The bright lights and big city of Oakland (shoutout to the Grand Lake Theater) burst out in color in the background, almost like an indirect co-star. There’s also Kamaiyah’s backup dancers, who keep the old-school feel going with their shoes and their choreography (real ones will spot “the butterfly” in the mix).┬áIn the video, Kamaiyah and her homeboy encounter a girl looking sad on the bus, so they invite her along to hang with them. What follows, is a day full of fun that includes crashing a pizza parlor and posting up in the streets for a block party of sorts.

It’s a perfect match to the song itself, an ode to being confident and carrying yourself proudly (women, especially). Its hook is simple yet catchy, its lyrics are motivational, and the song even SOUNDS like it’s sampling the ’90s. It’s like if Sesame Street had a song for grown-ups in need of a smile when things have made them frown. Will “Build You Up” give the emcee another hit for a second consecutive summer? It absolutely should.

Watch Kamaiyah’s “Build You Up” music video for yourself up top.