aaron alexander faces video

Aaron Alexander recognizes what’s real in his debut video directed by Kendu The Stampede.

Kansas City, MO native Aaron Alexander wowed us earlier this year with “Sometimes,” a jazzy groove where Alexander knows death is coming for him eventually but he has far too much living to do before that happens. “Faces,” the rapper’s latest effort from Memento Mori has a caveat to it. The ethereal record also doubles as his very first music video, directed by KC standout Kendu The Stampede.

The look and feel of “Faces” is that of finding comfort in an unfamiliar space. There are men with masks that circle around Aaron in a field, faces and identities shrouded. As he raps along the track, he continues to share his remedies for chasing these thoughts away. “I see all these faces and I don’t trust a soul,” he sings along with the chorus and he’s right. This isn’t being anti-social and closed off, it’s protection in a world that rarely has his best interests in mind.

“‘Faces’ is more or less things that I am seeing as I grow up, I used to be really naïve but with age comes growth,” he told Pigeons and Planes. “I now know how to recognize when I’m being taken advantage of. The video is chronicling that growth, within the context of the project of course. I started the album two years ago after watching the Death Parade anime, episode 11, where they mentioned the phrase Memento Mori. It sounded incredibly dope so I did a bit of research. After a bit of research, the aesthetic and sound I was going for was clear. The album is equal parts about death and dying as it is life itself.”

Watch the video for “Faces” below. Memento Mori is coming soon.