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Z-Ro clocks in for one final album go round on No Love Boulevard.

Z-Ro’s No Love Boulevard arrives with the Houston icon and Mo City Don at a crossroads. His skills haven’t wavered and the double-time flow he was known for almost a decade ago has now morphed into a croaky, if not warm and melodic singing voice. But Ro is reactionary. If he makes a move, he expects a counter-move. With the way his life is going and him holding full control over his career, the man known as Z-Ro is ready to hang it up.

Much like the last two Ro albums, last summer’s Drankin’ And Drivin and November’s Legendary, Ro finds focus within brevity. Behind those trademark black sunglasses is a man who has seen his career go through a yo-yo, whether it be label issues or the Texas Department of Corrections. “He’s Not Done” flexes with the same sneering displeasure found on earlier Ro tapes. The barbs are tighter and more succinct. The melodies are rich and close to Southern gospel as you can get. Getting a vintage Z-Ro album three tapes in a row is one thing. Him showing more and more that he’s voluntarily giving up the game out of displeasure and wanting new challenges? Something completely different.

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01. Lost My Mind
02. From the Other Side
03. Solid
04. Belong to the Streets
05. They Don’t Understand
06. You’s a Bitch
07. Brang a Stacc
08. Devil in Me
09. Play Me
10. Kiwi
11. Lit Up
12. We Are
13. Bye Bye
14. He’s Not Done

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