jay-z 444 cover

Four year hiatus is up. Hear Jay-Z’s 13th solo album now, exclusively on Tidal.

Hip-hop’s needle has been owned by Jay Z ever since Summer Jam 2001. The night he premiered “Takeover,” Hov’s moments immediately turned into Sportscenter highlights. The Black Album was supposed to be his swan song; American Gangster his turn back to the corner days between NYC and Maryland. But Jay-Z is 47 now, a father of three and a man who has seen nearly half a century of life. One thing about Jay-Z that will never change, his penchant to make the world stop and feel what he has to say.

4:44 is his 13th solo album and the one album he’s kept under tighter wraps than any other. The gross lavishness of Watch The Throne is absent, same for a big, giant single to be played all over radio. It’s scaled down Hov, releasing some of his hardest work to date with the help of No I.D. on the boards. Similar to what wife Beyoncé did with Lemonade last year, 4:44 finds Jay-Z talking in vulnerabilities on the title track and more. Visual album. Mass billboards, tour dates, mass promotion. Jay Z is back ladies and gentleman, more aggressive and smarter than ever.

So here’s 4:44, exclusively available on Tidal with guest appearances from Damian Marley and Frank Ocean. Follow along with Hov. He plans to get a billion before he checks out.