slab holiday

The Slab Holiday combined two of Houston’s greatest exports on Sunday — car culture and prideful, chest-thumping hip-hop.

A slab as Houston culture will teach you is a prized item. Built off the love and unity of blaxploitation films and the decadence of Southern airs, flipping a Cadillac or an Oldsmobile or even a Buick into a work of art is a thing here. Modern day slabs put heavier emphasis on candy paint, tricked out messages to haters and foes and sound systems. Yet you can never go wrong with a classic, both when it comes to Houston’s rap and the city’s now omnipresent culture.

Evesborough Films captured the importance of slab culture in Houston in their Black Atlas documentary. If hip-hop has the five elements, slab and by effect Houston entertains three major elements. The exterior of the slab from bumper grills, white wall tires and vogue rims; the interior with TVs in the head rests and music slowed down to a certain pitch to reflect a certain mood and the trunk, oh the trunk.

If the music isn’t right, the slab isn’t perfect. Lil Keke knows this. Same for Paul Wall and E.S.G. The elements all united right in front of 8th Wonder Brewery on Sunday evening for a little Slab Holiday. Rolling down Martin Luther King Dr. and swanging through McGregor Park are Sunday staples in their own right. Putting a concert together to celebrate all of it? A different story.

Take in Houston slab culture with photos of the event provided by The DutchHouse below.

PHOTOS: The DutchHouse