z-ro no love boulevard cover

Z-Ro’s final solo album drops Friday.

Z-Ro has shared “He’s Not Done,” the latest single from his upcoming No Love Boulevard album. “I am Michael Jordan, I’ll retire, come back and retire again for the fuck of it,” Ro raps atop menacing drums and a spooky chime melody. Since 1998, Ro has held an air of being standoffish yet it’s untrue. “He’s Not Done,” however puts Ro’s perspective on “retirement” on full display. If it’s not Mike D or Slim Thug or DJ Screw, he’s not here for it. The latter gave him a degree in street knowledge and the other two have full projects with him, released and unreleased. He’s fought the fight for Texas rappers who can rap forever and now he’s bowing out with his point proven.

Z-Ro’s love letter to the game (or his kiss goodbye) with No Love Boulevard arrives on Friday. Listen to “He’s Not Done” below.