she's gotta have it

Netflix to premiere Spike Lee’s episodic adaptation of She’s Gotta Have It this Thanksgiving.

Thirty-one years ago, Shelton Jackson “Spike” Lee’s first major film She’s Gotta Have It hit theaters. A story about love and empowerment, it introduced a slew of characters into the black lexicon, none more important than Mars Blackmon. This Thanksgiving, Lee’s directorial debut comes home for Thanksgiving, all with a little help from Netflix.

Announced in mid-2016, the Netflix adaptation of She’s Gotta Have It will follow in similar footsteps to the Dear White People adaptation Netflix rolled out in April. In the :15 second teaser clip, we get brief spotlights on the show’s main characters: Nola Darling, Jamie Overstreet, Greer Childs and Mars Blackmon. She’s Gotta Have It will have a bit of a Houston tinge to it as well. Jack Freeman’s “Nobody” will be featured on the show and Jack even spent time in New York with Lee himself earlier this summer.

Watch the teaser for She’s Gotta Have It below.