Jett I. Masstyr pays tribute to the late H.N.I.C. with a flip of “Keep It Thoro.”

“I break bread, ribs, $100 bills…” was a casual refrain earlier this week. They were the words of Prodigy, the Queens, New York rapper who arguably had rap’s best hesitation move off an opening verse. Too wild to be managed by Dame Dash before Roc-A-Fella, able to find a middle ground between art school teachings and the violent voracity of his housing project, Houdini P threatened to throw a TV at you while also feel like he was consistently in pain.

Jett I. Masstyr was a believer in Prodigy. Much like the death of Maurice White last year, the producer went back to the boards and recreated a beat around one of his favorite records. “Keep It Thoro” with its simple piano loop and spaghetti western guitar interlude gets a remix from Jett I. himself. P’s words are here yet they feel ghostly, a spirit from beyond who still is bemused by the idea of stoop boys turned killers. You can hear Jett I. Masstyr’s flip of the Prodigy classic below.