Mélat shares a new single, “The Now,” and announces a sequel to her ‘Move Me’ EP.

Mélat knows how to keep the momentum going. The Austin-hailing singer may have just released an album in November – and revisited said album with a video for “Negn” in June – but she’s not slowing up any time soon. In fact, she seems to be doing more and more. Mélat was tapped to perform at Austin City Limits for the first time in her career next month. She’s also crafting a sequel to her 2015 EP, ‘Move Me.’

On Tuesday, Mélat shared the lead single for ‘Move Me II,’ entitled “The Now.” The track was premiered by MILK.xyz on Tuesday.

“(‘The Now’) is really about living in the moment,” Melat told the e-magazine in an exclusive interview. “We have so many distractions and so many things going on, but sometimes you really have to pull back… and just embrace the moment for everything that it is.” The singer also opened up to MILK.xyz about her upcoming album. “‘Move Me II’ is “so much about love in all of its aspects. I’m definitely excited to bring that summery, lovey-dovey feeling back (with) those awesome Jansport J beats moving things along.”

As for the song itself? “The Now” is gorgeous. Jansport J’s strings-driven instrumental is lush, romantic even. Perhaps it has to be – especially when Mélat’s purpose is to focus on her lover and nothing else. “It would be like hell on earth, if I couldn’t put you first,” the singer confesses, “before my work, before these crowds.” It’s a sweet sentiment when so much in the world around you can make you lose sight of what (or who) matters to you. And if “The Now” is just the first taste of what Mélat is cooking up, ‘Move Me II’ might well move many listeners into love this summer.

Hear Mélat’s “The Now” single, produced by Jansport J, down below. The singer’s ‘Move Me II’ EP is due out later this year.