curtis mayz joose

Inspired by the West Coast, Curtis Mayz rides out on his latest Triple Diziac single.

Curtis Mayz is enjoying the most notoriety he’s had as an artist. Earlier this month, “5:38,” his flip of Destiny’s Child’s “Jumpin” got a haunting video of paranoia to it. Twenty days after that monumental moment, Mayz is cruising up and down 35 through North Texas with all of the juice.

“Joose” as a single plays on influences. Producer Magic whips together a cold, rubbery bass line with hollow whistles and Mayz checking off big names from the Left Coast and Down South. “Top dog in this bitch like I’m mobbing with Kendrick,” he raps after running into Snoop Dogg’s opening cadence from “Nuthin’ But A G Thang.” It only builds further as the opening verse finds Mayz twisting his love for North Dallas with the influence of Pimp C’s headspace on 1996’s “Murder.” A country boy at heart, Curtis still wants a gold plated AK-47 and a ’64 Chevy Impala with the spokes on it. But “Joose” is all about celebrating the moment, a celebration of self.

“Joose is the product of what happens when a Texas n*gga get inspired by that West Coast shit,” Mayz told us. “Shoutout Texas. Shoutout Cali. Rest in peace Pimp C and Mac Dre.”

Stream “Joose” from Curtis Mayz below.