OVO Sound duo dvsn release their second single of the year, “Don’t Choose.”

What’s that? New dvsn on New Music Friday? Don’t mind if we do.

Over a month since breaking their silence with “Think About Me,” the OVO Sound duo of vocalist Daniel Daley and producer Nineteen85 shared a new single, “Don’t Choose,” on Thursday night. The track plays out like a four-minute late-night lullaby, with Daley’s voice floating over Nineteen85’s chirps and tinkling keys. It courses along smoothly like a midnight drive, with Daley’s game-spitting at a peak high as he details being caught up in his feelings.

But the best part of “Don’t Choose” may be the song’s final 41 seconds, when Nineteen85 switches the beat up to bluesy, stripped down guitars and soft drums. That allows Daley to channel his inner speakeasy artist, dropping gems like, “I want you to know, what it really feels like, to get close to someone.”

Hear “Don’t Choose” from dvsn for yourself down below.