Rob Gullatte tells his story of defying the odds on “My Own Way,” the first single from ‘Gullactic Visions.’

“When you really from the struggle, you understand you gotta make a way…”

“Can’t leave rap alone – the game needs me.” The quote is as much true for Jay-Z as it is for Rob Gullatte. The Houston emcee best known for demolishing every feature he comes across (there’s now an entire mixtape of evidence of this, by the way) was SUPPOSED to be retired. But when you’ve got a story to tell, you can’t hold it in forever. And make no mistake: Gullatte has quite a few more stories to tell.

Case in point? The rapper’s ‘Gullactic Visions’ album, Gullatte’s first full project since collaborating with Show Louis on the underappreciated ‘The Sophisticated Savages‘ two years ago. Gullatte announced the project by way of a new single, “My Own Way.”

Featuring long-time collaborator Note (who’s been around with Gullatte as far back as his ‘Abortion’ days) on the hook, “My Own Way” is equal parts defiant and triumphant. Donnie Houston handles production, letting a soulful guitar lay the foundation before letting a snare and thumping bass take over the track. For four minutes, Gullatte raps like a man who never lost a step – a man who’s been a rebel since childhood (since writing a rap that got him suspended back in 1993, apparently) and never apologized for it. His friends passed, the game forced him to adapt, but every time, he kept pushing forward. “(I) offer something different than that sh*t that everybody do… I don’t follow rules!” Gullatte growls at one point, and he’s right.

Stream Rob Gullatte’s “My Own Way” for yourself down below and grab it for yourself off the artist’s Bandcamp page. ‘Gullactic Visions’ is dropping sooner than later.