lil rarri

Lil Rarri skates his case for best Houston rap track of the summer alongside Maxo Kream and Lil Skrt.

When WhyJae decided to adopt the Lil Rarri persona, it allowed him to dive deeper into a world of simplicity without compromise. He’s still lyrical just far more melodic thanks to auto-tune and catchy hooks. The posturing and stepping all over faceless individuals continues on “Check,” as the cold drums and repetitive snare craft one of the summer’s more vibrant beats.

“I could have played for the Nets” from Lil Skrt is less of a boast and more an assured fact. Given how they’ve dealt with player management and assets, it’s possible he could be getting NBA dollars right now. Rarri and Maxo play off one another as the Kream Clicc capo makes enough references to dig into his known shoe habits and Lil Rarri concerns himself with your main chick. Maxo and Lil Rarri are two of the main faces in regards to Houston rap, even though they’re from opposite paths of the rap wishing well. However, both of them manage to create with the desired result: memorable, bouncy rap cuts.

Stream “Check” from Lil Rarri, Maxo Kream and Lil Skrt below. Last October, Rarri released his self-titled EP which you can hear now.

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