john fuggin dough

John Fuggin Dough knows his artistry is centered around being a better person.

It takes less than :30 seconds for John Fuggin Dough, perhaps the best play on the whole John Doe rap concept mind you, to admit who he is. He’s not perfect, whether you describe him as a man, a n*gga or a person but he’s working at it. “Just tryna do what I can bruh,” he says from the onset of “Sho Nuff.” “I’m just searching for worth in a world that tells me I’m worthless.”

“Sho Nuff,” with its warm piano melody and spiked snares centers itself around a conversation between Dough and a woman. He’s seen all of her flaws and features, the physical ones anyway but his are long-tied to his wants and passions as a dreamer. The future, the profits and rewards are tied deeply with his day-to-day aspirations. He wants her to hold him down while he’s working towards it. “Don’t you believe in a thing called faith?” he questions. It’s a long fight ultimately. Every artist with a bit of a dream feels that sharing it with someone is important. Only problem is, pushing your beliefs and wants onto someone doesn’t usually yield the best results.

John Fuggin Dough is working at it. Arguments may get loud but he’s trying to be the man that he sees within, not the man that shows up in the mirror. The IRiseFilmz directed video is evidence of this as Dough takes the mic stand from the studio, plants it like a flag on the beach while his lady walks by. He’s that damn serious about this. Watch the video for “Sho Nuff” below.