2 Chainz turned the trap house pink with Pretty Girls Like Trap Music.

I was already paying attention to 2 Chainz’s series of playlists called “Pretty Girls Like Trap Music” on Spotify, where ever so often he would let a different “pretty girl” celebrity choose the songs for the next week. From Erykah to Kehlani to Karreuche to Cardi, I was logging on each week to see if the list had changed because, in some way, it kinda created a sense of community. I know, I know, you’re going all Mean Girls on me right now like, “Oh so you agree? You think you’re really pretty?” That’s not how I meant that. I meant that there are a faction of clatchet (classy/ratchet) women who are 100% ladies in the traditional sense, but who also know every word to every trap song you could hear in the most suburban teenage house party chaperoned by the “cool parents” on any given weekend (*cough*).

In the smartest move ever, Pretty Girls Like Trap Music doubles down on the Spotify playlists. 2 Chainz seems to have taken clues from the songs the “pretty girl celebs” chose and created a sort of playlist of new songs that would easily fit into one of the Spotify lists. It’s as if we’ve unwittingly been a part of some market research. I’m not even mad…I’m impressed! 2 Chainz (or someone on his team) managed to come up with a genius way to accomplish the goal of acquiring a new female audience: take a “survey” of the trap music women are listening to by publicizing lists of songs the hottest hip-hop chicks are playing at home. Next step, lie in wait and count plays. Finally, pounce on subject matter, style, beats, and rhythm to develop a foolproof album for “pretty girls.” Result: 2 Chainz gets his female audience; the clatchets get their 2 Chainz album. Crouching 2 Chainz, Hidden Tity Boi.

PGLTM Playlists

2 Chainz’s Spotify series of “Pretty Girls Like Trap Music” playlists might have just been research on how to make a trap album for his female audience.

Among the best features on the album are Travis Scott (who takes over just about every song he’s features in) in “4 AM,” the Quavo/Gucci Mane combo on “Good Drank,” Swae Lee on “Poor Fool,” and Jhene Aiko on “It’s a Vibe.” Right there we listed New Trap, Trap Gawd, Baby Trap, and Lowkey Trap Princess. Trappity trap trap. Pharrell, easily the most versatile man in music, also makes an appearance in “Bailan,” which I can almost guarantee will be one of the most overplayed songs on the radio this summer. 2 Chainz shows his versatility in “Bailan,” as well, is if he was forced to accommodate Pharrell’s regal appearance on the album. The final of the 16 songs, “Burglar Bars” features Monica, and is more about the message of why he raps than the rest of his songs. We’re used to fun, partying, sexually charged, drug referencing 2 Chainz in albums and on the records we hear on the radio and in the club, but this song gives us “on the news giving kids bikes and giving grandmothers accessible vans” 2 Chainz. This album’s vibes are chill, dance-y, and motivational – everything the modern pretty trap girl needs in her collection.

It’s clear the rapper went more along the route of actual instruments instead of music machines in this album. It is very appealing to the ear to hear his cadence, his lyrics, and his voice juxtaposed with such subtle beats. It’s definitely an album to appeal to a gentler audience who likes to keep the party going without being grossed out – which is where I found the one misstep. While I love me some Trigga, he’s become a bit blatantly gross to me, especially with his latest antics and his sudden deviation from grooming. Thus, while hearing his voice on “It’s A Vibe” was definitely a vibe, hearing what he was talking about was the least vibe-y thing I could think of (I would quote his lyrics but nah).

Most of the songs on Pretty Girls Like Trap Music will be added to my “Going Out” playlist, even “Good Drank,” where 2 Chainz wanna be MaxoKream soooo bad…but that’s another article, entirely. *sips tea only because it’s too early for Crown*

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All of the playlists led to this.