SZA’s debut LP ‘CTRL’ gets chopped & screwed courtesy of Houston’s own DJ AudiTory.

By now, everyone you know has heard SZA’s ‘CTRL’ album. The debut long-player from the long-standing Top Dawg Entertainment songbird took its time getting out, but if good things truly come to those who wait, ‘CTRL’ might well be considered a great thing.

So it makes perfect sense that the singer’s LP would find itself the next inductee in DJ AudiTory’s “Chop Theory” series. The Houston-hailing DJ – who was recently spotlighted by our own Hope Carter – still finds time to chop & screw the more popular albums of a given year when he’s not holding court at Prospect Park. And so it was that on Saturday afternoon, DJ AudiTory dropped off ‘CTRL: Chopped & Screwed.’

‘CTRL: Chopped & Screwed’ adds more layers to SZA’s diverse album. Lead single “Drew Barrymore” was already a country song on its own, but with Tory’s chops applied, it turns into the full blues. And Tory plays up the synths on the Travis Scott collab “Love Galore” to where it sounds more like an island-tinged lullaby.

There are certain benefits to a purpled-up version of ‘CTRL’ that you don’t get on the original, however. For example, Tory slowing down SZA’s voice on intro track “Supermodel” to where she damn near sounds like OG Ron C on a Chopstars tape sharing her confessions about “losing control.” “Go Gina” is given even more old-school flavor and is a clear standout on the tape. And the slowed-down version of “The Weekend” is all but missing, well, The Weeknd (the ‘House of Balloons’ one, not the “Starboy” one). The one misstep on AudiTory’s take on ‘CTRL,’ if there is one? Listeners will STILL be left with a version of “Wavy (Interlude)” that’s slightly longer, but not nearly as long as it ought to be. At least the DJ tried.

Stream DJ AudiTory x SZA’s ‘CTRL: Chopped & Screwed’ for yourself here, by way of the DJ’s website; and download it for the free here.