H.E.R.’s ‘Vol. 2’ EP explores love, sex and relationship frustrations over the course of seven tracks.

Initially set to land the first weekend of June, H.E.R.’s ‘H.E.R. Vol. 2’ EP got pushed back. The mysterious singer – whose debut EP ‘H.E.R., Vol. 1’ proved to be one of the nicest surprises of 2016 – used that time to better prepare fans for what was on the way. Anticipation can work in your favor; and on Friday, patience was rewarded as ‘Vol. 2’ finally saw the light of day.

‘Vol. 1’ was mostly about a girl who was eager for love but still timid. Songs like “Losing” and “Focus” stressed the singer’s need for affection but expressed desire, not demands. On Vol. 2, H.E.R. sounds much more confident and much more sensual, as well. Lead singles “Every Kind of Way,” “Say It Again,” and album closer “Lights On” gave the impression that Vol. 2 would be mostly lay up and chill jams.

Instead, it’s a smart mix of the sexy and the frustrated. “Still Down” presents a contemporary re-imagining of the Jon B and 2Pac classic that’s too smooth to deny. “I Won’t” is a lowtempo, synth-driven lullaby over which H.E.R. expresses honestly, “You can’t make me love you.” And standout cut “Changes” is a fed-up song from a young woman too stubborn to quit on the one she wants, but also too aware of how the “game” works to settle if he doesn’t step up.

The singer herself may still be a curvy figure in silhouette to some, but ‘H.E.R.: Vol. 2’ allows H.E.R. to define herself a little better.

Stream H.E.R.’s ‘H.E.R, Vol. 2’ EP for yourself down below by way of Apple Music. ‘H.E.R. Vol. 2’ is out now on iTunes.