Houston singer OhLordRoe sizzles in silhouette in her “Creep (Love You Long Time)” music video.

From the minute OhLordRoe shared her “Creep (Love You Long Time)” single at a listening event at the start of the year, it was clear the singer had struck gold. Those in attendance either cast knowing glances at each other or got lost in the song’s hypnotic nature. It was OnMute who put us on to the Houston songbird, but OhLordRoe would be damned if she’d be “slept on” for another year longer.

Fast forward four months later, and OhLordRoe has shelved Liberation, the EP for which “Creep” was supposed to be the lead single. “I wasn’t satisfied with it,” Roe admitted. Perfectionist? Possibly, but when you’re trying to progress, the pursuit of perfection – or at least something close to it – is a must. Thankfully, to make the wait for Liberation more bearable, OhLordRoe has given her “Creep” single an official set of visuals.

Creatively, director ThatsJoshuaX depicts Roe posed up against a wall as colorful, optical illusion-esque images are projected behind her. Living up to the song’s title, Roe “creeps” and slinks in the shadows, a blue lingerie top upon her figure and a rhinestone choker around her neck. “Creep” is as much about satisfying a need as it is about setting a mood. It’s one thing to hear Roe croon on the track, “You’ll take care of me/ and I’ll take care of you/ I’ll love you long time.” It’s quite another to watch her piercing eyes bore into yours as she sings those words into the camera, and pretty much become temptation while stripteasing in silhouette.

Watch the video for OhLordRoe’s “Creep (Love You Long Time)” single for yourself up top.