lyric michelle like me

Black, powerful, beautiful and resilient are the themes of Lyric Michelle’s new single, “Like Me”.

Following 2016’s MissDirection, Lyric Michelle has a brand new single out. The song is titled “Like Me” and is produced by fellow Houston to Los Angeles transplant Chris Rockaway. You can stream the Houston Chronicle premiered track below.

More poetic and melodic than previous releases, “Like Me” features Lyric singing and embracing a side of her that has long been a champion of black women. Of their vulnerabilities, their guile and wit. Forever the poet, Michelle discusses the frailties of black womanhood, being subjected to taunts and put downs over looks before ultimately being seen as nothing more than sex. The “she’s pretty for a dark skin girl” taunts, colorism and so on.

“It is about a time in my life that I realized as a black woman my physical appearance would be valued over my voice,” she told the Chronicle’s Joey Guerra about “Like Me.” Chris Rockaway’s stripped down production gives Lyric’s voice and added flair and power. She sings, “She had heard that black was beautiful / Dismissed it as a lie / How could oxymorons lov her / Simultaneously despise.”

Despite years of opinion that the black woman was not indeed beautiful, Lyric flips the notion on its head towards the end of “Like Me.” The black woman is magical, the root of creativity in the world. Overlooked no longer, Lyric is harnessing all of her powers now that she’s found a home in Los Angeles. Hear the melodic “Like Me” from her down below.