t.y.e eddie murphy video

T.Y.E takes a victory lap with his latest video, directed by Dance Dailey.

T.Y.E took center stage in his native Dallas on Friday night. On a night where the city practically gave him and his 32 album a toast, he somehow managed to retain headliner status. Big Tuck showed up to perform his three greatest solo musical feats, “Tussle,” “Not A Stain On Me,” and “Southside Da Realist” yet T.Y.E found his footing early and secured it quickly.

“Eddie Murphy” is the gentle gallop around ACU, a play on a mixture of genetics, balls to the wall rapping and living up to expectations. The opening scene picks up where “Eternity” left off. A gold fang grilled Tyler Harris & Paul Richardson Piersall Jr. re-enact the famous start to Murphy’s seminal Delirious film and play it to their operatic partnership. It’s the easiest transition one can get from Tyler Harris turning into the latest face of Dallas hip-hop.

From there, T.Y.E dons the Axel Foley jacket from Beverly Hills Club and morphs into the vocally arresting rap star he was born to be. “The snakes get to hissin every time T.Y.E be on a money mission,” he raps on the second verse.

Self-produced and joyous, “Eddie Murphy” finds laughter at haters and all of the wanton sexual thoughts that permeate throughout 32. The only difference between he and Eddie in the ’80s? One knew Eddie was coming via Saturday Night Live and 48 Hours. Tyler Harris is proving his truth every single day.