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One of the things that people tend to forget about, in the realm of streetwear, is the process (yes, PROCESS) of accessorizing. It’s one thing to have a dope denim or leather jacket, but its another thing to put unique buttons, patches, and other flair pieces on your outer garments and make them stand out from the group.

As I scoured the internet, looking for cool pins, I found 4 companies you should go to first, when you are looking to add the necessary accouterments:

PIN TRILL: Started by Brooklynites Jordan Roschwalb, Doni Gitlin, & Andrew Yung, Pintrill was started in 2014 and rose in success and popularity at a meteoric level. This company, like all of the other companies on the list, takes a lot of their inspiration from pop culture, which is really what streetwear is about at the end of the day.

My Favorite Pin Here: This Sade Pin

THREADLESS: Part art exhibition / part social experiment, threadless was founded by Jake Nickell & Jacob DeHart in Chicago, IL. Artists from all over submit their work to the site, where they are voted on by members of the site and once the winners are declared, they are made into a plethora of things, from t-shirts to totebags &, of course, enamel lapel pins.

My Favorite Pin Here: This Wizard Pin


FELT GOOD COMPANY: Based out of my hometown, Houston, TX, Felt Good Company makes some really cool pieces that are not only pop-culture winks, but also references to both their love for the Lone Star State & the 4th Largest City in the USA. I remember purchasing both their Ned Flanders Devil & Morton Salt Girl pins at the Houston Whatever Fest in 2016.

My Favorite Pin Here: This Cat Clock Pin

LUXCUPS CREATIVES: Another company based in Houston, TX, LuxCups Creatives was, originally, a cupcake company. Now, they make cool pins, based off of food and fanciful creatures. Not only do they have their own merchant website, where you can purchase items, but also, they are stocked in 9 other retailers!

My Favorite Pin Here: This Cthulu Pin

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