Flying someone out is so 2016. On “The Uber Song,” DRAM insists that if she’s worth it, arrange her ride out instead.

Some people you only want to see, when YOU want to see them. That may sound rude, but it’s the truth.

DRAM understands this. Having already provided fans with a day party record with “GILLIGAN” earlier this year, the VA representative and Social Experiment affiliate is redefining “come over and chill” with a new track, “The Uber Song.”

“The Uber Song” is the perfect mix of DRAM’s usual blend of goofiness with smooth sounds, courtesy of producers Melo-X and Oz. On the four-minute cut, DRAM seeks to replace the “flyout” with a rideout. No, seriously.

“The Uber Song” is legitimately the crooner letting his ladies know if they’re for real trying to chill, he’ll arrange their transportation. Once she arrives, DRAM puts the ball in his visitor’s court. “It’s up to you – when you come through, just make a move,” the singer insists. It just might be a new wave. Why pay for round-trip airfare when you can find you someone local and simply pay for a $27 trip? Who says chivalry is dead in 2017?

Stream DRAM’s “The Uber Song” for yourself down below. As an added bonus, you can also take a listen to “Group Thang (Demo),” the other song DRAM released on Friday that, um, may come in handy if you plan to parlay a threesome.